5 Best WebMoney Exchanger in Nigeria

Are you looking for the best WebMoney exchanger in Nigeria? Relax, we will get you covered. Many Nigerian bloggers and freelancers found converting their WebMoney fund into Naira challenging.

The pain of having money in a WebMoney wallet, but you can’t withdraw has made some people stop using it. However, as people say “There is always a solution to every problem”.

The saying also implies that there is a way to withdraw WebMoney funds to Naira. But what is that way? Is by using WebMoney exchanger to exchange the fund.

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However, the question is now, “How can you get a legit WebMoney exchanger in Nigeria?” Well, you don’t need to worry yourself about that. In this post, we are going to give you a list of legit and best webmoney exchangers in Nigeria.

What is WebMoney Exchanger

An exchanger is a company or individual focused on exchanging one currency for another. So Webmoney exchanger is a company or individual that helps you change your WebMoney fund into your currency.

Most times, you will need to send the fund to the exchanger, then receive your preferred currency to Your local bank account. That is why it is very important to know how legit the exchanger is before starting a deal with the person or the company.

5 Best WebMoney exchangers in Nigeria

There is no doubt that if you want to exchange webmoney funds, you will consider exchanging with best exchangers. If that is what you are looking for, below is the list 5 best webmoney exchangers in Nigeria.

1. Naira4dollar

Naira4dollar is one the most popular and oldest e-currency exchanger in Nigeria. The company focuses mainly on exchanging. They have been operating since 2006 and still growing.

The platform is not just for WebMoney exchange only, there are many currencies you can exchange on the platform such as bitcoin, PayPal funds, and others. If you are looking for the best WebMoney exchanger in Nigeria, consider checking Naira4dollar.

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2. Truexchanger

Another good platform to exchange WebMoney fund Nigeria is Truexchanger. This offers exchange in many e currencies which include WebMoney, bitcoin, PayPal, perfect money, pasaPay, litecoin, and others.

3. TopupGold

TopupGold is just like an alternative to Naira2dollar. They are popular and both work in similar ways. however, you will need to verify your account with An ID and proof of address before you can exchange on the platform.

They also support the exchange of different currencies which include Webmoney, Payoneer, skrill, and others. TopUPgold is a very good platform for a blogger or freelancer who receives funds from different wallets.

4. InstantExchangers

If you are looking for a platform that specializes mostly in Webmoney exchange, InstantExchangers is here for you. Their services are awesome especially when it comes to Webmoney funds.

Have a WebMoney fund you want to withdraw to your NigerianBank account? Then try InstantExchangers.

5. Naira2USD

This is one of the best WebMoney exchangers in Nigeria. They have been operating for some years now and still growing. However, there are some complaints from the users back then in 2015, but I think it has been resolved.

Naira2Dollar is also a good exchanger for Paypal funds. They offer free virtual cards that can be linked to a Paypal account for easy withdrawal.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell WebMoney in Nigeria?

The best place to sell WebMoney in Nigeria is one of the above-listed platforms. Ranging fromNaira4dollar to Naira2USD.

Can I buy Bitcoin with WebMoney?

Many platforms support WebMoney as means of purchasing, that simply means you can buy bitcoin with WebMoney, but not on every platform.

How do I withdraw money from WebMoney in Nigeria?

The best way to withdraw from WebMoney in Nigeria without any issue is through legit exchangers.

Does WebMoney require verification?

Verification is not required for basic usage. However, there are some points that you will need to verify the account with a government-issued ID card.


Before exchanging with any platform, always check their contact info. And consider going for the ones with physical addresses over the ones with one.

As we all know, the country is full of scams, and some legit platforms are not more legit anymore. Although the one listed above seems to be legit ones, but you may face challenges with some when transacting.

Thanks for reading our article on the best webmoney exchanger in Nigeria. we hope you read more of our articles.

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