EXPOSED review (Legit or Scam)

is firstsolar-ng.comlegit or scam review. Is firstsolar-ng legit or scam? How does firstsolar works? firstsolar registration, login and withdrawal. Everything you need to know about firstsolar.

You might have heard about, but still doubting whether it is legit or a scam. They are many similar platforms existing such as sunsolar, and all promising the same thing.

However, it is difficult to identify the fake and legit ones. Well, if you are planning to join firstsolar-ng, but you check a since review about them, you should not worry about that anymore.

In this post, we ar going to give you a sincere review about, how firstsolar works, is firstsolar legit or a scam. You will find out everything in this post.

What is all about is a newly launched investment platform that allows people to earn profit based on the plan they purchase. Firstsolar has different investment packages with different prices and profits. There is a fixed % profit for each package which we are going to explain later in this post.

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How does work

Firstsolar-ng allows you to make money by investing on the platform or by referring. However, to be able to make money from the platform, you will need to have an account there.

Then you decide whether to invest in the available plans or focus on referring. When you invest in any plan on firstsolar, you will be given a daily fixed percentage of profit. And the higher the plan, the higher the profit.

And for referral, you earn a percentage from the people that register through your link. You don’t need to pay anything before referring, but if you want to earn more on the platform, you will need to invest.

Firstsolar registration

To register on firstsolar is very simple, you only need to follow the steps below;

Firstsolar Login

To register on fisrstsolar-ng, follow the steps below;

Is legit or a scam has launched a few months ago. It is still hard to know whether their a scam or legit since it is just launched recently. We can call it legit since we have not seen any payment proof and neither can we call it a scam without a bad reviews from the users or red flags.

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However, we will keep going with our research and keep you updated by updating this post.

Firstsolar Investment Packages

There are different investment packages available on, and each package comes with a different price. The following is the list of the packages, their prices, and their profits.

Switch one package

AmountPercentageDaily profitTotal profit

Switch two package

AmountPercentageDaily profitTotal profit
₦5,0001320%₦550₦66,000 review

The above two [packages are the two basic plans for a starter. However, if you want to invest higher, there many plans from ₦10,000 up to ₦1,000,000.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of

The founder of firstsolar-ng is not known yet. But from our research, it is owned by a small group of individuals.

How much can I make in firstsolar-ng

There is no limit to the amount you can earn on the platform, the higher you invest, the higher you earn.

What is firstsolar minimum withdraw

The minimum withdrawal on is N1,000. So far you have more than on N1000 in naira in your account, you can request a withdrawal.

Final thoughts on review may not be tagged as a scam now, but nobody knows what will happen in the feature. However, from our own view, the platform is a Ponzi scheme. If you are to invest in the platform, invest what you can afford to lose.

Thanks for reading our article on review. We hope you read more of our articles.

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