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How to Fix Google Adsense low value content (Simple Method)

proven ways to fix google adsense low value content

Have you been in a situation where you said, “oh! my application has been disapproved again for low-value content? What is low-value content, and can I fix Google Adsense low value content?”

If you have been in that situation or it is your first time of getting a low-value content reply from Adsense, worry no more. This article is purposely for you.

In this article, we are going to give you an explanation of what low content means, the causes, and how to solve Adsense low value content problems and get approval.

What is low value content?

Google Adsense low value content
Google Adsense low value content

Adsense low-value content simply means content that doesn’t satisfy the reader. It is a kind of your content that doesn’t align with the searcher’s intent, which is a major factor in getting AdSense approval.

It is important to know that the number one priority of Google is the “users.” Anything that doesn’t satisfy its users won’t be considered quality.

If your content falls into that category, it will be considered of no value or low value, which may lead to disapproval. Well, that is not all; the major causes of Adsense low-value content are explained in the next heading.

What causes low-value content disapproval in Adsense?

There are a few things that cause AdSense low-value content. The following is the list of the causes;

  • Duplicate or copied content
  • Short-length content
  • Bad content structure
  • Irregular publishing
  • Not accurate contents

How to fix Google Adsense low value content

Fixing Adsense low value content is not as hard as some people think. In fact, it is easier to get approval if you can solve the issue than by applying repeatedly.

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All the steps you need to follow to solve Google Adsense low-value content have been explained below;

  1. Don’t copy content from other websites.

    Copied contents are contents from other websites or blogs, and they are considered low-value content. They do affect not only your ranking but also Adsense approval.

    To fix low-value content, you need to check your website and delete any copied content there or rewrite it from scratch.

    Copyscape, 1text, dublicheker, and others are the websites you can use to scan copied contents on your blog.
  2. Increase your content’s length.

    Adsense looks at your content length; short content is usually considered low value. This is because Google believes that long content contains more information than shorter ones.

    If most of your contents are below 600 words, you should increase them with relevant information. This will help you solve Adsense low-value content issue.
  3. Publish accurate information.

    Accuracy is another thing Adsense checks before approving a blog. If your content body does not align with your keyword or it contains false or misleading information, Adsense may call it low value.

    Before replying for AdSense, make sure all your contents contain accurate information and avoid using misleading headlines.
  4. Publish unique contents

    Whether you are applying for AdSense for the first time or after disapproval, the uniqueness of your content matter. Well, many people think unique content means content with big words, but it is not.

    The originality and value of your content are what make it unique. Add more value to your content before applying again. Note that using an article rewriter or paraphrasing tool to remodify your content is not advisable.
  5. Format your content well

    Quality and unique content may be tagged as low value due to its bad formatting and structure. Make sure your articles are well structured.

    Use short and clear sentences with related subheadings. So it will be easier for readers to read your content and google as well.
  6. Publish frequently

    Many people neglect this. However, it is not a quality content feature, but Adsense checks how often you post. 

    If you don’t post regularly, they will assume you don’t have much to offer. To avoid low value content issues, make sure to post often. Not every day, but at least two to five times a week.

Final thought

Responsiveness of the site is also important. Try to use a very clean theme with the important pages in the menu.

Finally, it would be best to focus more on increasing the quality of your content. If you are not a good writer, hire a writer to write for you.

Thanks for reading our article on Google Adsense low value content; we hope you read more of our content.

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