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Newsforum Review: Everything about

Making money online is not as easy as some people think. It takes a lot of time and consistency. However, a newly launched platform called Newsforum aims to make it easier for everyone.

But the problem is “is Newsforum legit or a scam?” I believe that’s what you are also thinking. Think no more.

In this Newsforum review post, we are going to show you everything you need to know about the platform, how it works, whether legit or scam, and others.

So let’s dive in.

What is Newsforum? Newsforum Review


Newsforum is a platform where we share and discuss news updates and happenings in the country including anything related to lifestyle. 

Not just that, they also offer VTU services, which include DSTV subscription, ebook, very cheap data, and more.

The platform offers a membership valuable digital product for a price of ₦2,000 naira one-time payment only with 50% affiliate commission and also access to earning opportunities in a minimal and moderated way for sustainability and continuity. 

Who owns Newsforum?

Newsforum is owned by Seun Adediwura. She is known as the CEO of the platform. However, she has a team of 4 people including the technical team and support who are running the platform together with her.

According to her, she said

“We have seen and participated in different platforms including myself which have crashed due to unlimited earning and probably greed of paying some while the owner run away and crash.

This is why I have considered coming up with a new platform that will enable us to earn without crashing while members have a limited earning of at least 3000 Naira per month and get paid with our VTU business”

How does Newsforum work?

Before you can be a verified member of Newsforum (NF)  you need to purchase a membership product that will give you access to earn money online on the platform. This includes affiliate earning opportunities and forum activities earning as follows.

Membership fee₦2,000
Affiliate commission₦1000.00
Read 25 news₦25 daily
Reply to at least 1 forum topic ₦25 daily.
Create at least 1 forum topic₦50 daily
Referral commission payout Minimum of ₦1,000 Every Saturday
Activities earning: Minimum and maximum payout ₦3,000 payout every last day of the month
make money on newsforum

Is Newsforum legit or a scam?

Since the platform is still very new, it is hard to whether it is legit or a scam. But the platform is quite different from various Ponzi scheme platforms existing in Nigeria. It is already paying the users, you can join our WhatsApp group for the latest updates, payment proofs, and others

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As stated earlier, Newsforum is not just for reading and get-paid platform. It is also a digital marketplace where you can purchase various digital products mostly VTU services at a cheaper rate.

 Imaging getting 1GB of data for ₦270, that is very cheap compared to what we buy from banks or other places.I think with products, they will be able to sustain and last longer than others.

Newsforum Registration

To register on Newsforum, you need to follow the simple steps below

  • Visit the official site here
  • Fill in your details
  • Make your payment
  • Boom! you are done. Happy earning.

How to withdraw from Newsforum

There are two types of withdrawal on Newsforum; Tasks earning withdrawal and referral earning withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal for task earning is ₦3,000 while for referral earning is ₦1000.

The task earnings can be withdrawn in ending of every month, and the referral is every week.

To withdraw both of them,

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click on payment information
  3. Fill in your bank details
  4. Save
  5. Then, click withdraw
  6. Select the amount you want to withdraw
  7. wow! credit alert
  8. That is all

Final thoughts

As we all know, all online businesses come with risks including crypto. And you have to take the risk to see the result or leave it. 

If you can take a risk of ₦2,00 to make cool cash, then we will suggest you join the moving train. But if you can’t, leave it. Nobody knows how long it will last.

Thanks for reading our article on Newsforum review, we hope your read more of our articles.

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