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A lot of investing websites are launching in Nigeria every day. Just recently, a new platform called spondoles was launched. With the number of Ponzi platforms existing in the country, people will like to see spondooles review before they register.

If that is what you are looking for, this post will get you covered. we are going to give you a sincere and legit review on spondoles platform.

Also, you are going learn how spondooles works, whether spondooles is legit or scam, how to register on the platform, and all you need to know about spondoooles.

Without much talk, let us get in.

What is spondooles?

spondooles review
spondooles review is an investing platform owned by a Nigerian. The platforms allow people to make money by investing and referring.

It comes with different packages of investment which you are going to find out later in this post. When you invest in those packages, you will be earning a daily profit. However, the higher the price of the product, the higher your earnings.

How does work

Spondooles has no much difference from the existing product investment platform like sunpower. It is just by investing and getting a percentage of profit daily. Let me be more explicit here.

When you register on, you will be rewarded with 800 Naira as a welcome bonus, but, but you will need to invest a minimum of N3,000 on a product to get the reward.

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Then, you will be earning from 7% to 40% daily profit from the product depending on the one you invest in.

Spondoles products list

There are almost about 10 different products available on The table below contain the list of those products.

1Spd-A101₦3,000₦12,60060 Days
2Spd-A102₦5,000₦24,00060 Days
3Spd-A103₦10,000₦54,00060 Days
4Spd-A104₦30,000₦180,00060 Days
5Spd-A105₦50,000₦330,00060 Days
6Spd-A106₦100,000₦720, 00060 Days
7Spd-A107₦500,000₦4,500,00060 Days
8Spd-A108₦1,000,000₦12,000,00060 Days
Spondooles review

Is spondooles a scam?

At this moment, spondooles cannot be tagged as a scam because it was launched not long ago. There is neither good talk nor bad talk about it. However, there are some red flags on the platform which are as follows;

>> No contact us page

>> No support number

>> No address

>> No important pages like privacy policy, disclaimer

>> Spelling errors

Is legit?

Despite the promise stated on the platform, we can’t call it yet, unless there is enough good talk about it from the users. And Most importantly, there is payment proof yet. So, it cannot be tagged as a scam or legit yet. Registration/sign up

To register on you need to follow the simple steps below;

  • visit
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Fill in your number and password
  • Solve captcha verification
  • Click sign up
  • That is All

Spondooles login

To login on spondooles, follow the steps below;

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the profile icon
  3. Enter your number and password
  4. Solve simple captcha
  5. Click login.

How to make money on spondooles

There are two ways of making money on spondooles, investing and referring. You can make money on the platform by investing in products or referring people to join through your referral link.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Who owns

The owner or the CEO of spondooles is yet to be known. We only know it is owned by a Nigerian

How can i withdraw from spondooles?

On your profile, click on withdraw and fill in your bank details plus the amount you want to withdraw

What is spondooles minimum withdraw?

Their current minimum withdraw is 1000 naira.

Final says on spondooles review

There is no business without risk. It is your responsibility to know how to minimize the risk. IF you are to invest in the platform, invest what you can afford to lose.

You should also note that they may be paying people now, but in the long run, they may close down without notice. So invest with sense. lol

Thanks for reading our article on spondooles review, we hope you read more of our articles.

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