Make moneyReviews review: Is Sunpower legit or scam

Have you been hearing about sunpower one but you don’t know what sunpower one is all about? Or you are just looking for review to know whether it’s legit or scam? If so, then look no further.

We have everything you need to Know about sunpower one which includes: sunpower review, how sunpower works, whether is sunpower one legit or scam, and other things you need to know.

Now, let’s get into it.

What is Sunpower all about?

subsolar one
sunpower one

Sunpower .one is an online earning platform that allows users to earn real money by performing simple tasks.

Not just that, it’s also a solar investment payment which makes it easy for people to make money investing in solar systems. 

Well, you may not understand now, but don’t worry. We will explain how it works later in this post.

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How does sunpower .one works?

Sonsolar works in two different ways. The first is earning on the platform for performing simple tasks like referring friends and others.

The second way is by investing in the platform. The platform’s aim to allow people to invest in the solar system. I.e your deposit and purchase a system, then the solar system you purchase will be making your income. 

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However, people who deposit to their account has a higher chance of earning on the platform than those without deposit.

Let me be more explicit here on sunpower one review. Below are four simple steps to make money on

  1. Invite a user
    You will earn N30 for every free single member that registers through your referral link. 
  2. Invite a tier user
    When someone you invited i.e your downline purchase a solar package, you will earn a
    5% commission from their purchase. For example: when they purchase a device worth 10,000 Naira, you will earn N500. the higher they purchase, the higher your commission.

    Also, when your downline also invites someone and purchases a device, you will earn 2% commission, and when a downline of downline invites another person, you will get 1% commission.
  3. Invitation task
    Here your earnings are unlimited. The more people you invited, the higher your earning chances. the table below will give you a clear understanding of what I mean here
No. of invitesTask EarningNo. of invitesTask Earning
100₦30,0005,000₦5,000,000 review

Is sunpower .one legit? review

We are not 100% about the legitimacy of the platform because we have not found any withdrawal proof yet. However, there are many good reviews about them.

The bellows are the screenshot of some of the reviews from the users.

subsolar one
sunpower one
subsolar one
sunsolar one

Is sunpower .one scam?

With the fact that the payment proof of the platform is yet to be found, it still does not make it a scam. So we can’t call it one. 

The reason is there are no bad reviews or red flags about the platform. It is left for you to decide to join as early as possible or wait for the people to start withdrawing. registration

It takes only a few steps to register on Follow the steps below to register on the

  • Visit
  • Fill up the registration form
  • The following code should appear in the invitation section
  • 357962140
  • If not, put it to earn your registration bonus

sunpower one withdraw

It is easy to withdraw on sunpower . you just have to fill in your bank details and request a withdrawal. Then your money will be sent to you. The minimum withdrawal is not high, it is just ₦1000.

Sonsolar one owner

The owner of the platform is yet to be known. There is no information found about him at this moment. However, they have a physical office which makes it look more legit.

The office is located at the 10th floor, The Ark Tower, Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island Lagos. you can reach them out whenever you have a complaint.


The platform seems legit, but if you are to invest in it, I suggest you should start with a small amount. we will also keep you updated once there is a red flag about the platform.

Thanks for reading our article on review. We hope you will read more of our articles.

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